WHEN: Tuesday (April 12) at (officially) 6:30pm

WHERE: Colony Ballroom, Stamp

Join the UMD Muslim Students Association for its Islamic Inspiration Week and FAST-A-THON! See if you have what it takes the fast from dawn to sunset! (or for as long as you can go!) FREE dinner provided!

Fast-A-Thon is an annual event led by Muslim Student Associations on various campuses throughout the nation. In addition to raising awareness of global hunger, Fast-A-Thon is aimed at introducing the campus community to the importance of two of the basic pillars in the Islamic faith: charity (donating from one’s provision to the less fortunate) and fasting (abstaining from food and drink from dawn till sunset for the whole month of Ramadan).

WE challenge YOU to try to fast one whole day with us, or sacrifice one fulfilling meal of your day; to empathize, both physically and psychologically, with those around the world who do not have access to sufficient nourishment; and to give a little of yourself to find your spiritual center. In doing so, we hope to unify our campus community and place a focus on the state of humanity.Fast a day with us and join us for free dinner! Bring a canned item or donate money to a local charity or the UMD Campus Pantry!

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