321170_164143883665055_3422722_n1-e1339367136411How We Use the Space

The musallah is the cornerstone of our community on campus. It houses the Capitol area Islamic library (CAIL) where students can checkout books and is the main space for all of our activities and daily prayers.

As well as being a primary space for prayer, the musallah functions as an alternative social and sacred space to facilitate the relevant, sustainable practice of Islam on campus. All of our meetings, community discussions, educational events and informal meet-ups center around this space.

Find The Musallah

The musallah is conveniently located right next to the Stamp Student Union in 0204 Cole Field House.

Get Musallah Access

The Musallah is open Monday through Friday, 9am till after Maghrib. At all other times, the main door is locked and requires an authorized University of Maryland Student/Staff/Faculty ID for access. ID Access can be authorized by joining the MSA as an official member