Our Purpose

The purpose of the Muslim Students’ Association when it was first founded at UMD in 1969 was to provide a space for the Muslim students on campus to pray. Over the years, the mission of the MSA has evolved from simply Simply put, the MSA exists to support the spiritual, social and personal needs of Muslim Students and anyone interested in Islam at the University of Maryland. It is run by students for students, in order to serve and unite the UMD community.

Guiding Principles

  • Knowledge precedes our actions
  • Shared vision forms our path
  • Sincerity is the foundation of our existence
  • Patience is the hallmark of our planning
  • Character comes before our activism
  • Humility guides our interaction
  • Truthfulness is the mark of our speech
  • Moderation is the compass of our journey
  • Tolerance is the banner of our outreach
  • Gratitude binds our hearts together


The MSA is composed of a diverse collection of students; ranging in nationality, color, native language and worldview. Each of them bring a unique perspective to our shared existence.

Official membership with voting rights is accessible through orgsync, however the MSA experience is open to all and all are welcome.

To get involved please contact us, view our social media for meeting, events and activities, or contact one of our committees